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Welcome to LWG Training Hub! We will guide you on your path to personal and professional growth, helping you unlock your potential and achieve extraordinary success in soft skills and professional development.
Whether you are an aspiring cabin crew member, aviator, professional, student, or organization, We have the expertise and resources to assist you in reaching your goals.
Together, we will embark on a transformative journey where you will gain the skills, insights, and confidence necessary to excel in your aspirations. Prepare yourself to elevate your skills and embrace boundless opportunities. Welcome to LWG Training Hub, where your journey to greatness begins.

About the Founder

Mrs. Gagana Prabhu is the founder and Lead Trainer at LWG Training Hub. As a certified International soft skill and corporate Trainer, Certified public speaker, and India's leading certified Cabin Crew Coach, Mrs. Gagana is dedicated to empowering individuals through comprehensive training programs.
With over 15 years of invaluable experience in the aviation and hospitality industry, Mrs. Gagana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to empower individuals and organizations to thrive.

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My Training Experience

Cabin Crew & Aviation Training

  • Trained over 200 cabin crew members at Qatar Airways.
  • Mentored and guided more than 100 aspiring cabin crew members, helping them secure positions in prominent airlines worldwide.
  • Conducted training for over 200 Ground Staff and premium lounge staff at Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar
Corporate Training

  • Collaborated with renowned airlines and hotels, including Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, and the Lemon Tree Hotels group.
  • Elevated team performance and fostered strong leadership skills through tailored corporate training initiatives.
  • Guided organizations in optimizing team effectiveness and enhancing leadership capabilities.

Soft Skills Training

  • Assisted professionals from diverse industries such as healthcare, airport staff, and hotels in enhancing their soft skills.
  • Training programs focused on improving communication abilities, customer service aptitude, food and beverage expertise, culinary skills, and leadership competencies.
Online Training

  • Developed and implemented highly impactful online training programs.
  • Conducted webinars and personalized 1-on-1 interview preparation sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Engaged in mock interviews and created individualized developmental plans for participants.

Training Areas

About Soft Skills Training

Discover the power of essential soft skills and unlock your full potential with my comprehensive training program. Develop the fundamental abilities necessary for success in today's competitive world.

Soft Skills training encompasses a range of skill areas, including:

  • Effective Communication: Master the art of clear and impactful communication in various contexts.
  • Professional Communication: Develop strong verbal and written communication skills for effective professional interactions.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving: Enhance your analytical skills to make informed decisions and solve complex problems.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: Cultivate flexibility and resilience to navigate change and thrive in dynamic work environments.
  • Leadership Development: Acquire key leadership skills to inspire others and lead with confidence.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Understand and manage emotions, build empathy, and foster positive relationships.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Enhance your ability to work effectively in teams and leverage diverse perspectives.
  • Time Management and Organization: Improve productivity through effective time management and organizational strategies.
  • Conflict Resolution: Learn techniques to address and resolve conflicts constructively.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Develop skills to provide exceptional customer service and exceed customer expectations.
  • Cultural Intelligence: Enhance your ability to work effectively and adapt in diverse cultural settings.

Soft skills program fees are charged on an hourly basis, at a rate of 1,000 INR per hour for 1-on-1 sessions, based on the specific area or aspect of the soft skill being taught.

About Personality Development Training

This comprehensive course is designed to empower individuals for personal and professional success by facilitating a complete makeover. The course covers key areas of personal development, equipping participants with the skills and mindset needed to transform themselves. It covers key areas such as:

  • Personal Development and Self-Assessment: Recognizing its significance and assessing strengths, weaknesses, values, and goals.
  • Professional Image and Personal Branding: Enhancing appearance, grooming, dressing sense, and leveraging personal branding for a compelling online presence. Includes basic professional makeup and hairstyling coaching.
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem: Techniques to develop confidence, overcome self-doubt, fear, and anxiety, and cultivate a positive self-image.
  • Effective Communication Skills and Public Speaking: Developing impactful verbal communication, overcoming public speaking anxiety, and persuading others.
  • Professional and Social Etiquette, Time Management: Mastering work and business etiquette, efficient time management, and cultivating strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: Enhancing critical thinking, applying effective problem-solving techniques, and strengthening decision-making skills.
  • Motivation and Goal Setting: Understanding motivation, setting meaningful goals, and overcoming obstacles.
  • Continuous Learning and Personal Growth: Embracing a mindset of lifelong learning, identifying learning opportunities, and developing strategies for self-improvement.

Personality development training is charged on an hourly basis, with a rate of 1000 INR per hour for 1-on-1 sessions, depending on the specific area or aspect being taught. However, if you require a complete self-transformation course, it is available.

Complete Self-Transformation Course Fee

15,000 INR (1-on-1 online sessions). Duration: 30 hours over 1 month.
Timings: Flexible to suit your convenience.

About the Training & Course

1:1 Consultation (at 999/-INR only)

This session is designed for any kind of consultation, where you can clear any doubts you may have regarding entering the field or excelling in it. Whether you're unsure about job requirements, seeking interview tips, or needing guidance on crafting top-notch applications and CVs, I've got you covered. Additionally, if you're looking for career counseling or want to analyze areas where you may need improvement, I'll help you identify weaker points and provide a personalized developmental plan to support your growth.

Pricing: I firmly believe in the value of your aspirations, which is why this session is offered at a reasonable rate. Enjoy personalized 1-on-1 guidance at 1000 INR per hour. Book as many hours as you need to achieve your goals.

Timings: Flexible to suit your convenience from the available slots.

Mock Interview Session (starting at 999/-only)

The Mock Interview Session provides a valuable practice experience for upcoming interviews. You can expect realistic interview simulations, expert feedback on CV, grooming, body language, and overall performance. Personalized guidance will address your specific needs, and you'll gain insights into strengths and weaknesses. Learn strategies for different interview questions, build confidence through practice, and understand interviewer expectations. This session is designed to enhance your interview skills and increase your chances of success.

By participating in repeated practice and exposure through the Mock Interview Session, you will gradually build confidence in your abilities. This process will help alleviate any nervousness or anxiety you may have, enabling you to perform at your best during the actual interviews.

Pricing: Experience personalized mock interview sessions tailored to your aviation career goals. Just 1000 INR per hour for freshers and 1499 INR per hour for experienced crew. Book now to ace your interviews!

Timings: Flexible to suit your convenience from the available slots.

All-In-One Cabin Crew Course (Complete 6-Week Course) starting at 4999/- INR only

This comprehensive program, spanning over a period of 6 weeks, is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in the aviation and cabin crew industry. The program serves as a solid foundation, covering vital topics such as Aviation and Cabin Crew Modules, Soft Skills (customer service skills, Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills & Public Speaking, Intense communication skills, Personality development, confidence building, Grooming, CV creation, Spoken English, interview skills, and placement assistance).

It equips you with everything needed to crack a cabin crew interview, ensuring that you are ready to answer any kind of interview question without relying on rote memorization. This program will boost your confidence and fully prepare you to tackle any question that comes your way. Take the first step towards a fulfilling cabin crew career and prepare yourself for success.

To know the complete details of the course,   Download Brochure

Cabin Crew Interview Crash Course (10 Sessions) at 1999/-INR only

With a success rate of only 1-3% due to fierce competition, it is crucial to gain the competitive edge necessary to excel in cabin crew interviews. My comprehensive training is specifically designed for aspiring cabin crew members who already possess some knowledge and understanding of the aviation industry and the cabin crew role. Whether you are facing difficulties in clearing interviews or need a last-minute boost to your preparation, this course will cover the essential skills and knowledge required to succeed in this highly competitive field. If you're already skilled, I can help you become the best.

Please note: If you are completely new and have no prior knowledge about the industry, I recommend opting for the "All-In-One Aviation & Cabin Crew Course," which includes interview preparation.

To know the complete details of the course,   Download Brochure

Spoken English classes starting at 2999/-INR per month

We offer group classes as well as 1:1 personalized online sessions for spoken English, catering to all ages, including kids, teenagers, adults, and professionals seeking to enhance their English proficiency. Whether you're a student preparing for exams, a young professional aiming to improve your communication skills, or an adult learner looking to boost your confidence in spoken English, our tailored training approach ensures that you receive the support you need to succeed.

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CV Services

Your resume is the first step to landing your dream job!

Craft a standout CV with our expert CV writer backed by over 5 years of experience.

We ensure that your CV not only stands out but is also ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly, increasing your chances of landing that dream job.

Our service structure is designed to accommodate professionals at different stages of their careers:

Entry-Level or Fresher

These individuals are new to the workforce or have minimal experience (0 to 2 years). They typically hold junior positions or internships, embarking on the initial stages of their careers.

Pricing: 999/- INR

Mid-Level or Experienced Professionals

These professionals have gained significant experience (3 to 7 years) in their fields. They possess a developed skill set and may hold roles with increased responsibility and autonomy compared to entry-level positions.

Pricing: 1499/- INR

Senior-Level or Seasoned Professionals

With extensive experience (8 or more years), these professionals often occupy leadership or managerial positions. Their deep understanding of the industry and strategic decision-making abilities make them highly valued.

Pricing: 1999/- INR

**Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:**

We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your CV. Any corrections or modifications required will be promptly addressed. Once you finalize the CV, we will provide it in both PDF and Word formats for your convenience.

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Upcoming Events

Spoken English Class

2 months Batch
1st July 2024: 6 pm to 7 pm (Mon to Fri)

Free Cabin Crew Webinar

13th July 2024: 11:00 am to 1:30 pm (Sat)

Free Spoken English Demo Class

13th July 2024: 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm (Sat)

Free Resume Making Workshop

14th July 2024: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Sun)

Spoken English Classes

Intermediate Level
15th July 2024: 10 am to 11 am (Mon to Fri)

6 Weeks All-in-One Cabin Crew Course | Morning Batch

15th July 2024: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm (Mon to Thu)


  • I am really glad that I got Gagana as my instructor. When I joined this industry, I was very scared as the entire industry was very new to me. However, Gagana gave me the confidence to talk to everyone and also taught us how to handle tough situations onboard while keeping calm. She made all of us very comfortable during training, giving each of us priority and ensuring that we learned and implemented the skills onboard.Gagana changed my entire perspective towards customer service, and I am genuinely happy to have known her. She is not only my instructor but also my mentor.
    Megha Saha
    QR Cabin Crew
  • I was a complete fresher when I joined the aviation industry as a cabin crew. Having Gagana as a mentor was a blessing. Her personalized approach to the training kept me engaged and invested throughout. The skills I achieved with her support are helping me reach new levels in the service industry. I faced no issues, even during the initial flying, because everything Gagana taught was registered in my mind, making it easy for me to get everything right. A big thank you hug to you.
    Melrina Ferrao
    QR Cabin Crew
  • Coming from a non-aviation background, I knew that things would not be very smooth at the beginning of my journey in the international airline industry. However, having a mentor like Gagana truly altered my experience. She had the ability to empathize with her students, which made us feel comfortable. She consistently emphasized the fact that we are all unique individuals with different strengths and weaknesses. This approach enabled us to work on ourselves without losing any confidence.
    Kaushiki P Yadav
    QR Cabin Crew
  • Gagana is an extremely intelligent and versatile instructor. She taught us the service program of the company and explained it very well. She also made sure that none of the 20 candidates in the class were unclear about the concept. There were slow learners and smart ones too, but she balanced it so well that no one in the class felt inferior or less than the others throughout the course. Her approach is so friendly that no candidate will think twice before coming up with any doubts or questions, and she made sure all the candidates understood each activity and concept before moving on to the next one. The exams and practicals administered by her were also in a very relaxed and stress-free environment. There's no doubt that every candidate in her class passed with distinction and good grades. A big thanks to you, Gagana. It wouldn't have been this easy without you. ♥️
    Suchi Sharma
    QR Cabin Crew
  • Getting trained under Gagana was an unforgettable experience. I had no confidence when I started my flight attendant training, but Gagana made sure to highlight my strengths and polish my skills with finesse. She did her best to make the most out of the very little time we had.
    Perpetual Bliss
    QR Cabin Crew
  • At first, when I decided to become a Flight Attendant, I was very scared and clueless about where I needed to improve to achieve my goal. But then, the training given by Gagana made it feel so much easier to recognize and overcome my shortcomings. Gagana helped me know my strengths, and the tips given by her in the training will guide me throughout my career. Thank you, Gagana, for being such a great mentor
    Divyangi Chavan
    QR Crew


What industries do you work with ?
I have experience working with professionals from various industries, including healthcare, aviation, hospitality, and technology. However, I can tailor and deliver training programs for any industry.
What Certifications do you have?
I hold multiple certifications that reflect my expertise:
Certified Train the Trainer Coach: I have received three certifications as a Train the Trainer Coach from The Knowledge Academy UK, Qatar Airways, and the Indian Leadership Academy. These certifications signify my proficiency in training individuals to become effective trainers.
Certified Soft Skills and Corporate Trainer: I am certified as a Soft Skills and Corporate Trainer by the ILA (Indian Leadership Academy). This certification recognizes my specialization in delivering training programs focused on developing essential soft skills and conducting corporate trainings for professional growth.
Certified Cabin Crew Instructor: I have earned a certification as a Cabin Crew Instructor from Qatar Airways. This certification demonstrates my in-depth knowledge and experience in the aviation industry, specifically in training individuals for cabin crew roles.
Certified Level 1 Wines and Spirits Trainer: I am certified as a Level 1 Trainer in Wines and Spirits by WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust). This certification demonstrates my expertise in training and educating individuals in the field of wine and spirits.
What are your modes of training?
I offer both online and face-to-face training options:
• Online Training: I provide both 1-on-1 private sessions and group sessions for online training. Based on the initial consultation, if I determine that an individual requires significant development and personalized attention, I may recommend 1-on-1 private sessions. This allows for focused instruction and customized content to meet specific goals.
• Face-to-Face Training: I conduct interactive workshops, seminars, and corporate trainings that provide participants with opportunities to engage with one another and learn collaboratively.
• Webinars: I also organize webinars, which are online seminars delivered in a live format. Webinars offer the opportunity to learn from experts and engage in real-time discussions on specific topics.
Stay informed about upcoming workshops, seminars, and webinars by visiting my website and following my social media accounts for the latest announcements and registration information.
Is it necessary to pursue a 6/12-month diploma course from an Airhostess training institute to become a cabin crew?
No, it is not necessary. Airlines provide comprehensive training to their cabin crew members once they are hired. There is no need to incur additional costs or spend extra time learning the same skills that will be taught during the airline's training program. All you need is the basic or essential knowledge and guidance of an experienced aviation professional to ensure you are on the right track and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the interview.
Is any Certification necessary to become a cabin crew?
No, certification is not necessary to become a cabin crew. However, it can be an added advantage.
What are your course fees?
The fees for my training programs are determined based on factors such as the scope, duration, and level of customization required. My primary focus is on delivering value and impact to help professionals excel, and I strive to keep my rates minimal.
Please note that the course fee mentioned under the course section is for online private 1-on-1 sessions. If you are interested in group coaching or corporate trainings tailored to your specific needs, I invite you to contact me for a detailed quote. By discussing your requirements, goals, and budget, I can provide you with a personalized rate that reflects the scope and value of the training program.
Additionally, I offer a complimentary first consultation to gather detailed information about your training needs, goals, and expectations. This initial session allows me to understand your unique requirements and tailor the training program to effectively address your challenges, ensuring maximum value.

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Thank you for your interest in our training programs. For inquiries, personalized quotes, or to discover how our training can benefit you or your organization, feel free to contact us using the information provided below. We look forward to being a part of your success story.

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